New Quito Airport will be at least $30 in taxi fare one way into town

Posted on August 26, 2012 • Filed under: Ecuador, Latin America Aviation, TRAVEL

Eight lanes under construction looming ahead, amid the dust and the sound of the machines that widen the road. From Quito to Tababela is far but no traffic and when the clock strikes 13:57 the taxi. Reaches the destination with the sigh of never embark on that route, at least if you have a client insured for their return. But again you have to pay another $ 30 for a taxi back to Quito. reported the reality of the movement to the new airport and little change until February 2013, when between operations, for although we have established four ways to communicate with the terminal Quito, only one is available, but in a part of that route are extensions that will be ready later this year. Two other completed in 2013 and the other in 2014.

So, to move from Quito to the new terminal will be required in addition to the $ 30 route if you want to do ride, at least half an hour extra time. For a flight to Guayaquil, 40 minutes, the passenger will have to leave at least two hours in advance. For international travel, at least four hours. Passengers and airlines are shuffled possibilities and six months. Read Article LOOKING FOR A HOME IN ECUADOR?

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