Narco logos in Bolivia

Posted on October 4, 2012 • Filed under: Bolivia, Crime, Drug Activity

Embossment stamps, logos with names and decals have become the brand of “security” that can identify drug cartels operating in South America and Europe.
In Bolivia this system is already applied. This has been evident in recent interventions drug agents to crystallization of cocaine labs found in Santa Cruz, where it was found that Colombian drug dealers in collusion with Bolivians mark their goods for subsequent export.

Its origin. According to the newspaper Clarin of Argentina in the 80’s the big Colombian cartels (Cali, Medellin) or Mexico (Juarez) began to mark their shipments with seals or logos. “That way you guaranteed quality ‘home’ to the buyer and also ensured that intermediaries might not violate the gaskets to lower cocaine,” according to the Narcotics Division of the Federal.
Today the phenomenon of narco logos not only continues but has expanded and diversified: the varieties are hundreds and police catalogs generated and internationally for subsequent comparisons. Read Article

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