Montanita Ecuador: Alibi for one of defendants in murder of two tourists, bites the dust

Posted on September 21, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador (Machine Translated) Jose Luis Perez Castro (31) is one of the defendants of the double crime of María José Coni (22) and Marina Menegazzo (21) – the Mendocinean tourists who were murdered in the Ecuadorian town of Montañita – and that yesterday suffered a severe setback in full trial: one of the key witnesses presented by the defense itself ended up collapsing its alibi and complicated it even more.

According to the investigation, in the house where the young women were murdered were blood stains that corresponded to the accused. According to Perez Castro explained, it was because he had been attended by a dentist who made him spit blood. Therefore, the testimony of the dentist was the most expected, as it would confirm the sayings of Perez Castro and leave it “comfortable” for the rest of the trial.

However, it did not come out as the defense expected. The specialist confirmed that he attended, but said that it was a “simple intervention” and that the possibility of spitting blood was almost nil. In short, his alibi staggered.

“On March 10, at about 9, I attended Perez Castro. It was a simple procedure, without complications,” said dentist Rony Ruiz, according to Diario Uno de Mendoza. “He came because he wanted a certificate,” he added. He argued that “he should have had an infection, which he did not see when he took care of it.” “He had pulp necrosis – a dead tissue – but not a process in which he could have bled,” he said.


On the same day, said Juan Carlos Perez Castro, the brother of the accused, who had also testified in the first trial since it was the one who found the body of Coni on February 25, 2016. The relative reported that between the night of 22 and the dawn of the 23 of that month was with his brother in a house that they rented together.

He also said that they lived in the house where the crimes were committed from December 3 until January 20 and that his brother “had a dental problem since January and was spitting blood.” “I corrected it,” he said.

Perez Castro is the third accused of the fact. Last year, Ecuador’s court sentenced Segundo Ponce Mina (34) and Aurelio Rojo Rodríguez (39) to 40 years in jail as the perpetrators of the double crime. The magistrates said that “the motive of the crime was evidently sexual”, although they assured that it is not possible to be determined if the vejamen was consummated or was only an attempt. Read Article

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