Mexico: Psychologist states “Zetas” target impoverished youth for membership

Posted on November 25, 2012 • Filed under: Crime, Drug Activity, Mexico, Organized Crime, Social Issues

Psychologist Rita del Carmen was responsible for one of the steps to follow. Your job is to try to prevent young people as falling into the net Chamboy Los Zetas, taking advantage of their poverty and lack of opportunity. Many are often killed when they refuse to work for the cartel. “Many young people under 18 are at risk. They feel invulnerable and commit crimes that many adults would not, “says Rita.
In addition, Rita warns that groups like Los Zetas occupy the void left by the families. “Looking teenager groups where identified, seeking membership,” he says. “So these young people look to organized crime groups where yes there are rules and a sense of belonging negative. In these criminal groups, there are rules, and anti loyalty, “says Rita. Read Article

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