Mexico: 7 out of 10 migrant women sexually assaulted taking La Bestia train north to U.S.

Seven out of ten women are raped
But if something really irritates you is to talk about migrant women, the most vulnerable, the most unprotected: “It’s rare that is saved from being raped,” says circumspect. I ask what data you have. I look and reflect. That it is difficult to get reliable statistics because women tend to conceal the violation. That social stigma, the risk of deportation if they complain, or the desire to reach as north to the United States, leads them to hide and silence the rounds, but there are many: “Seven out of ten women migrants who pass Mexico are raped at some point on the course. ”

The violation as part of the ticket price!. Before I got the Beast had asked for some migrant women at risk of being sexually abused. All shrugged and looked down, and assuming that tends to happen and can happen. A kind of defeatism vital. Many of these girls, Guatemalan, Salvadoran, Honduran, injected before boarding the train a contraceptive known as Depo-Provera. They call it “anti-injection Mexico.” It prevents ovulation for three months and so, if violated, at least avoid becoming pregnant. Read Article

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