Manabi Ecuador: Eleven Cantons impacted by rains flooding over weekend

Posted on April 10, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Weather/Climate reported:
The number of families affected by heavy rains Saturday and yesterday has grown dramatically, said Susana Dueñas, head of the Department of Risk Management (SGR), arriving in Santa Ana, the most affected canton (50% of all families The province), the weekend, by the ravages of the storm.

Dueñas arrived yesterday to deliver food. The number of affected families is 3,000. The official said that there are other sectors that are suffering the consequences for the overflow of rivers such as Portoviejo and Chico, which have been fed by ravines and estuaries that emerged from the rains. This caused them to leave their course, flooding houses, roads, neighborhoods and fields.

Yesterday in Rocafuerte two temporary shelters were lodged to locate about 80 families. The channel of the river Portoviejo already affected Santa Ana, Portoviejo, Rocafuerte and Sucre. Other cantons besieged by the rains were Manta, Montecristi, Tosagua, Chone, San Vicente, Bolívar and Jipijapa.

According to Dueñas, there are no roads closed to vehicular traffic in Manabí, but it is difficult to travel in areas such as the Rocafuerte-Tosagua route, where water crossed the road.

In Santa Ana the death of a man was confirmed yesterday, who is believed to have been dragged by the force of a tributary, to the height of the community Las Tachuelas, neighbor with the canton Balzar (Guayas).

“He was found trapped in a fence, as I have just confirmed (yesterday). Fifteen days ago we had another deceased (by flood of river), and are two victims in Santa Ana, “said Fernando Cedeño, mayor of this canton, who announced that some 15 families were located in temporary shelters.

The commerce in this city was partial, since the waters did not go down. Ramón Hernández evacuated sacks of rice, arrocillo and corn, which he was able to save after the flood of his commercial premises, in the street Bolivar. He still does not quantify the losses caused by the flood of the river Portoviejo, which yesterday generated problems in the rural area.

The last rains caused several landslides that left incommunicado dozens of families from the communities Pisloy Afuera, Pisloy de en Medio, Pisloy Adentro and La Palmita.

The sliding and the appearance of gullies destroyed homes, the school and electricity networks, said Rafael Baque. Her house, she said, was surrounded by the earth that slipped.

“People do not have water or food … there is an isolated family of five people, two of them older adults,” he said.

Yesterday in Pisloy, parish Picoazá, Portoviejo, dozens of families evacuated, after the flood of their houses, Saturday night. Celinda Morrillo said that it dawned in the sidewalk taking care of the few things that saved of its house. To her, last year’s earthquake knocked over her property, which she would have raised on her own.

Until yesterday, the Municipality of Portoviejo reported that 22 families had been evacuated from their homes, due to the floods that affected 14 sectors of this canton. In the Colón parish alone, some 240 families were affected. Read Article


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