Manabi Ecuador: Argument over changing music at party results in stabbing death

Posted on January 31, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador translated) The tragic event was registered at the site San Pablo de Rio de Oro, El Carmen, yesterday at approximately 05h00, reports the agents. The relatives of the victim told the police that the crime was raised in the house of Patricia Romero, mother of the victim, when a dance was taking place. Relatives said that the music that was heard at that time was not to the liking of Jhonny Bravo, who decided to put another melody, which did not please another of those present at the party, so a cross between words began. According to the relatives, the discussion was rising in pitch, to the point that the perpetrator pulled a white weapon and stabbed Bravo.
Help. Facing desperation, relatives said they picked up the injured man in a van to take him to the hospital in El Carmen, but about an hour’s drive from El Campamento, he died of the wound.
Meanwhile, people who were near the place where Bravo died said that at approximately 06:30 a few heartbreaking cries came from the truck and frightened came out to see what was happening, realizing that it was Bravo’s family who cried next to his corpse , So they called the ECU-911.
Minutes later, personnel from the Dinased and Criminalistics of the Judicial Police arrived at the El Campamento site to investigate what had happened and to transfer the body to the Forensic Center in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas for an autopsy.
At the same time, the agents said that another group of police went to the San Pablo site in Río de Oro, with the intention of gathering more data to allow the capture of the person responsible for Bravo’s death.
Relatives said that, according to the forensic doctors, the stabbing that Bravo received affected a lung, which in the course of the minutes ended up killing him. Read Article


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