Lima Peru: safety alert regarding taking pirate or informal taxis

Posted on December 5, 2013 • Filed under: Crime, Peru, TRAVEL reported that there are about 200 000 informal or pirate taxis in Lima and Callao.

“December is the hardest month security. The criminal activities are increasing and more and more fierce: use knife and decided to go around. Lurking near galleries and shopping malls, waiting for his victim up alone, especially if you are female, “remarked Cesar Ortiz, president of Aprosec.

Take a registered or formal taxi from a company you know and trust.

Don’t take taxis that have tinted windows or has license plates that are blurred.

Do not climb alone, if it takes less shopping.

Don’t take the first taxi you see when leaving a bank or ATM.

When inside the taxi make sure you can unlock the door.

Make sure there is no one hiding on the floor, or that the trunk looks like it may have something or someone hiding in it. Sit in the back of the cab.

Phone or text a family member or friend the license plate and your expected time of arrival.

Make sure no shortcuts are taken on the route, don’t be distracted by the phone or fall asleep.

Do not put make up on or ask to get out to use the ATM.

Get out of the cab with your packages and don’t resist if you are assaulted. -Lower your packages. If you raid, do not resist, look closely at the characteristics of the driver and truck and report.

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