Lima Peru: Drug dealers using social networks on internet, accepting credit cards for their merchandise

Posted on August 5, 2012 • Filed under: Crime, Drug Activity, Internet, Peru

Drug dealers have reached high levels of sophistication. It not only require payment in cash for their ‘good’, but now even have modern wireless devices to charge customers who pay with credit cards.
Police and Drug Enforcement has been investigating this type of sale of narcotics, which is less risky for traffickers. According to one hypothesis, the drug traffickers could be creating shell companies to operate under this unique modality. in Peru grows the drug trade through the so-called ‘virtual shops’ that are online. To do this, traffickers use social networks, forums, chats and blogs. It has even been found that consumers make the payment through certain websites. “It is a field almost unfathomable. This medium allows traffickers hide better, guaranteed anonymity. Many have realized this and started using it more often, “said Cedar specialist. Through this mechanism are marketed mainly synthetic drugs such as ecstasy or LSD, and certain drugs such as stimulants, amphetamines and so-called ‘smart drugs’, among others. Read Article

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