Leaked Ecuadorian diplomatic documents discusses methods of smuggling Assange out of the embassy

Posted on September 1, 2015 • Filed under: Ecuador

Scenarios for a Possible Exit for Assange

Assange remains trapped in the embassy in England where the leaked documents note that he’s had increasing tensions with the local staff.

Wired.com reported a new set of leaked documents from the Ecuadorean embassy in London shows that diplomatic officials there have brainstormed methods they could help Assange escape from the embassy—where he’s had asylum for more than three years—without being arrested by the British police that keep a 24-hour watch on the building.

But it’s likely that none of these escape routes were ever attempted. At the very least, none worked. Assange, who is wanted for questioning related to accusations of sex crimes in Sweden, has remained trapped in two rooms in the building. The documents show that the unnamed officials have considered everything from putting Assange in a disguise to hiding him in a diplomatic bag intended for documents. (Technically the documents refer to a “valija diplomatica,” a diplomatic suitcase, but in English such an item is commonly referred to as a “diplomatic bag.”… Read Article

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