Law of the Amazon

Posted on December 5, 2011 • Filed under: Agriculture, Brazil, Enviromental Issues

Brazil last a rule that regulates the deforested until 2008 – Environmentalists see it as an unprecedented attack, farmers are celebrating – Is it just realism or suicide?Brazil was until recently no example in the fight against illegal logging. The area deforested in the Brazilian Amazon fell from 29,059 square kilometers per year in 1995 (an area such as Galicia) to just 6451 in 2010. The Government and the States have made great efforts to combat it. And satellites, more. Despite the enormity of the surface to control the satellite Landsat provides monthly advances of deforestation. Roni, Greenpeace technician analyzes the data and a GPS and a computer is capable of directing the plane to the exact spot where another piece of forest has died. In addition, pressure from NGOs had made firms from developed countries refuse to buy wood, leather or soy that was not certified as coming from areas not deforested. Read Article

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