Latin American countries monitoring precursor chemicals in effort to curb drug manufacturing

Posted on November 10, 2012 • Filed under: Argentina, Bolivia, Crime, Drug Activity, Peru

Drug Office of the National Gendarmerie, along with local agencies and most of Latin America, put in place a mechanism to control the production of chemicals that can be used to make drugs. These are the results. The need to participate, engage and coordinate objectives and global efforts against this scourge according to
The base paste such as cocaine hydrochloride, could not be manufactured without kerosene, hydrochloric acid, calcium oxide and sulfuric acid, among other substances. Once used, are discharged into the ground and water, producing a devastating effect on the environment. Therefore, we are determined to detect illegal inputs for the manufacture of chemicals in the production of drugs, “says Major General Jorge Cabral, director of the Anti-Drug National Gendarmerie and in charge of Operation Sin Fronteras. “Drug trafficking, he adds, is launching an extensive network of production and trade that includes ‘branches’ of crime in a variety of areas and countries. One is the trade of those products that are not adequately controlled in the region. ” However, efforts in this struggle have grown together. Read Article

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