How Latin America Should Promote a Relationship with China

Posted on June 16, 2011 • Filed under: Brazil, Business, Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, Economy, Mexico, TRAVEL

•In Peking, Colombia’s spoke with Enrique Dussel, the director of the Center of Chinese-Mexican Studies of Unam, who gave his view on how Latin America should approach Chinese business and involvement in the area.
•One improvement he suggests is the increase of foreign exchange students between the two regions.
•Lingual and cultural understanding is also essential to attract Chinese tourists.
•On Free Trade Agreements, he mentions the example of Chile which enjoys a complementary relationship as it does not have national industry, and does not have any fear of losing out in the electronic or automotive market.
•However, more complicated economies such as Mexico and Brazil want to protect their automotive and electronic industries as well as the employment involved.
•He stresses that the whole of Latin America should work together and think of a more holistic plan as China has a plan incorporating business, education, infrastructure, etc. because a joined effort would make the region a more important business partner for China.
•He advises against competition with China on a manufacturing basis, as China’s manufacturing capacity is greater than that of most Latin American countries. Read Article

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