International Living writer recommends book on Ecuador for a different perspective

Posted on November 12, 2015 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Travel

International Living Writer Recommends Book if you are looking at the downside of living in Ecuador
April 22, 2015, 9:41 – From a Social Media Group on Ecuador
Wendy Hetlet DeChambeau Wow, ummm I guess I’ve caused a stir, lol. Thanks to those of you who have complimented my writing, it’s always appreciated. And so is the criticism. That’s part of the territory that comes with writing and it actually helps us become better writers.

But I would like to address the implications that I lie when writing for IL. This particular article was written after interviewing an expat from Vilcabamba who is very happy with her life in Ecuador. She and her husband are indeed renting for $225. If they were renting for $1,000/month I would have included that, but they’re not and so I reported it truthfully. If you believe I’ve ever lied in another article, please let me know. Another part of being a writer, or at least a good one, is honesty and I work hard to be truthful.

However, IL is designed to show people who are interested in moving abroad that it can be done and here’s how. Just as Modern Bride doesn’t cover divorce rates and Arizona Highways doesn’t feature fatalities on the road, IL doesn’t cover all of the things that folks might perceive as a downside in other countries. If you want that go read Nicholas Crowder’s book.


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