Intelligence detects Hezbollah activity in Latin America

Posted on February 17, 2016 • Filed under: Crime, Latin America News, Terrorism reported Mexican intelligence, in cooperation with Canadian intelligence services, has recently revealed activities for the Lebanese Hezbollah under Iranian support being detected in Latin America, at Venezuela, Mexico, Nicaragua, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, in addition to the zone between the Paraguay, Argentine, and Brazil border triad.

George Shea, expert in Middle Eastern affairs and lecturer at the Buenos Aires University, explained that Hezbollah, under Iranian sponsorship, now plans on further expansion following the Russian interference in Syria, in addition to the military Iranian presence that has reduced the need of Hezbollah ground troops in Syria. Read Article

Authorities in Mexico had already arrested a Lebanese Hezbollah affiliate, on borders with the US, who was caught with fake identification papers and drugs. However, official authorities have yet not disclosed his name for further investigation on Hezbollah’s activities there.

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