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Colombia has begun to receive the participants at the Sixth Summit of the Americas, which begins officially on Tuesday in the Caribbean city of Cartagena de Indias in the middle of quite a few expectations.

And although the official agenda prepared by the Colombian government focuses on issues of physical integration, access and use of technology, natural disasters, security and poverty reduction during the meeting the leaders of the region will also address two issues particularly thorny but no less important.

As for safety Colombia is not leaving anything to chance and has enjoyed the support of 32 police and intelligence agencies from 27 countries.

“We want to show the heights they can produce results”

Maria Angela Holguin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia

More than 17,000 of the security forces, including army, army, police and air force will take care to protect those attending the summit and especially the heads of state will meet from Saturday 14 April.

Six planes and four helicopters constantly patrol the skies of Cartagena, while the safety of the bay is ensured by four teams of submarines and frogmen.

To the city have moved six robots explosion-proof, while an estimated 400 will be stationed snipers on the rooftops of the city during the meeting of representatives.

And not everyone can reach the historic center of the main tourist destination of Colombia for the duration of the Summit.

“Even the pelicans arouse suspicion,” summarized the chronicler Juan Gossain Colombia in an article published on Sunday by the newspaper El Tiempo, which also gives a clue to recognize the different agents of foreign intelligence services that have come to the the Colombian city affectionately called “The Heroic.” Read Article

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