Imbabura, Ecuador: One Week, 137 Indigenous Peoples Suffering Food Poisoning

According to in one week 137 people have contracted food poisoning from eating bad food in the canton of Imbabura. Health officials say the first cases of food poisoning occurred eight days ago when 58 people came down with salmonella poisoning after eating infected red meat in a local meat restaurant. The second case occurred on Friday July 29th when 79 people were treated in hospitals located in Otavalo and Asdrubal for food poisoning from eating food at a local indigenous event. Health officials do not know what caused food poisoning in this large number of people. However, health officials are saying the situation is not cause for panic and hospital staff is carefully monitoring their patients. The Provincial Health Directorate is continuing ongoing investigations of food and meat that may have caused the food poisoning.Read Article

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