Housewife Fights Back Robber with Pepper Spray in Ecuador

Posted on December 16, 2010 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, TRAVEL

Story submitted by Reader of based in Ecuador:

Last evening Beba Chattin, age 36, was walking on her way to pick up her daughter in the lower income neighborhood of La Chala in Guayaquil, Ecuador. A large black male approached her from behind and told her to stop. He wanted to know what she had in her small coin purse. She walked faster and he continued to follow telling her to stop. At that time she readied her capstun which she carries in the palm of her hand. When she realized she could not outwalk or outrun him, she turned around and blasted him in the face. She ran away, turned around, and saw him rubbing his eyes and yelling profanities. He was not saying very nice things about her mother and then ran off.

Mrs. Chattin was provided a small Capstun spray last year from a family member in the United States and instructed on how to use it. She was surprised by the result and intends to carry it with her at all times. She believes more Ecuadorians should use the spray in an attempt to fight back against the wave of crimes against citizens of this small Andean country. She further advised that it is imperative that the spray be kept in your hand in order to react quickly to an assailant.

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