Guayaquil Ecuador: Mayor Jaime Nobot lashes out against President

Posted on August 9, 2013 • Filed under: Ecuador, Politics

Guayaquil’s Mayor, Jaime Nebot, who has been in office 13 years, lashed against Ecuadorian president this Wednesday in a press release broadcast by two private TV stations since 7:50 local time (00:50 GMT).

Nebot, who stated through Ecuavisa and Canal Uno that there is no constitutional hindrance to run again for the Mayoral seat intensified a speech according to which the government supposedly has a plan to end port activities in Guayaquil – about 70% of non-oil exports to other countries goes through this port.

That was supported with fragments of appearances by socialist president, Rafael Correa, gathered on video, in which the President explains to citizens a project to expand the capacity of other ports, such as Esmeraldas y Manta.

The Government party, Alianza PAIS, bring to the table an issue about Nebot’s potential candidacy for the elections of February 2014; a fact that the Mayor had denied in February of this year and that, nonetheless, is envisioned with the auspices of the private media.

Galo Mora, executive secretary of Rafael Correa’s party, suggested an agreement with Nebot to promote constitutional changes that allow indefinite reelection, which in the 2008 Constitution is only allowed once. This is proof of the social Christian’s interest in perpetuating their position in the Mayoral seat of Guayaquil, which is their political bastion.

Social-Christians have ruled Guayaquil since 1992, when León Febres Cordero undertook the Mayoral seat for two terms; he was followed by Jaime Nebot in 2000.

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The authorities criticize that this city is dominated by inequity. As evidence they showed that in middle-class neighborhoods, such as Urdesa, the city invests USD $50 per capita in public works such as sewage system and drinking water; meanwhile, in poor neighborhoods – which are many and very complex – such as Bastión Popular, the Guasmos, among others, the city barely assigns USD $9 per person. These data were stated by the Governor (appointed by the President), Viviana Bonilla. Read Article

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