Guayaquil, Ecuador: Computer Tablets One of Most Reported Stolen Items

Posted on June 6, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency / (Machine Translated) – In areas of the bahia of Guayaquil the offers are repeated daily. “Friend, I’m selling this cheap tablet. Give me 50 USD for it. It is negotiable, “repeated a man of about 30 years in a low voice. In the same sector, three other ‘hookers’ offered these electronic equipment at a low price. “They are second hand , but they are free (not reported as stolen),” commented one of them. In a commercial place, a 10-inch tablet costs more than USD 100. However, in certain areas of downtown Guayaquil can be obtained for up to about USD 30. For researchers , the reason that prices are so low is because most of the equipment is stolen . According to police data, the tablets are the second most stolen electronic object in Guayaquil, Durán and Samborondón, three cantons in the province of Guayas . The list is led by cell phones . Third is laptops. Until December 16, 2016, agents operating in Guayaquil confiscated 378 ‘tablets’ because their owners did not justify legal origin.


These equipment are usually marketed in places such as La Cadena de la Bahía de Guayaquil, warns Carlos Coloma, head of the Sub-Directorate of Investigation of Crimes Against the Property Anticriminal Brigade (Siprobac) of Zone 8. Users buy there because these goods are cheaper, but they do not realize that their origin is illegal, adds the official. Last month, María Luna denounced the theft of her property. She is sure to have the tablet and cell phone removed from the bus . The student realized when she arrived at the University . She believes that a woman who was behind her could be the author. This is one of the main assault modalities in the Main Port, according to Franklin Saltos, prosecutor of the City’s Flagrancy Unit. The investigator even reveals that the theft of tablets and other electronic equipment is one of the most reported crimes in the city. This judicial unit is processed every day between two and three complaints for these events. In most cases, these equipments are stolen from handbags, wallets or in commercial premises; That is, without intimidation . Saltos points out that there are also reports of violent robberies; Until December 15, the police recorded 9 883 robberies to people. According to the prosecution, of the 100% of tablets stolen in Guayaquil, only 40% recover in police operations. The rest are sold illegally. Coloma asks people to be discreet about using these goods. Criminal groups take advantage of public spaces to get them out. Read Article

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