Guatemala: suspected there are 800,000 weapons on the black market

Posted on August 26, 2012 • Filed under: Conflicts, Crime, Guatemala, Social Issues, Terrorism has reported that Guatemala is a country not at war or a weapons manufacturer, but the civilian population is holding more than 460,000 units in a legal and ammunition imported (legally) between 2009 and 2011 would be enough to give each person two bullets including children.

Added to this are pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns circulating illegally. According to calculations, are twice the legal, as a study of the seized verified that only one in three had been lawfully acquired, so it is considered that the black market in the country could manage about 800 thousand weapons.

To these figures must be added 250,000 weapons that were registered with the Directorate of Arms and Munitions Control (Decam), but his record was not updated at the Directorate General of Control Arms and Ammunition (Digecam), so its bearing is in legal limbo, authorities said. Read Article

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