Growing presence of Hezballah in Latin America worries U.S. officials

The U.S. House of Representatives released a report this month focusing on Lebanese and Iranian terrorist groups, specifically Hezballah, that have established networks in South America at the Triple Frontier between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay and in Venezuela, reports The Triple Frontier is already a haven for organized crime and trafficking, and the Islamist group, Hezballah, has established itself in this area over the past year to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in smuggling and drug trafficking. The organization also has strongholds in Venezuela and Mexico and U.S. officials are worried that the Hezballah groups are working in Latin America to undermine U.S. security and possibly launch a terrorism attack from those areas. The idea that Hezballah groups are stationed in Latin America to gain better access to the U.S. is not based on firm evidence.
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