Going to Brazil? Be sure you understand Gerson’s Law

Posted on July 17, 2014 • Filed under: Brazil, Culture, Social Issues

From Wikipedia:
In Brazilian culture, Gérson’s Law (Portuguese: Lei de Gérson) is an adage in which those who “like to take advantage of everything” have no concern for ethics. This expression came into use because of a TV commercial from around 1970 for the cigarette brand Vila Rica, played by Brazilian footballer Gérson. While he is a very well known football player in Brazil and worldwide, Gérson was always a source for controversy. In the commercial, that particular cigarette brand was portrayed as being advantageous for being better and cheaper than other brands, and at the end of the commercial, Gérson said:

You like to take advantage in everything too, right?

Later, the player resented having his image connected to the ad, since all kinds of unethical behaviors were linked to his name with reference to the law. Read Article

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