Ecuador will not disappear because of earthquakes but by bad governments (prophecy)

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Ecuador no desaparecerá por los terremotos sino por los malos gobiernos.
Ecuador will not disappear because of earthquakes but, by bad governments

A phrase and or prophecy that runs deep in the culture of Ecuador and is often credited to Santa Mariana de Jesús. Saint Mariana of Jesus de Paredes, O.F.S. (Spanish: Mariana or María Ana de Jesús de Paredes y Flores; October 31, 1618 – May 26, 1645), is a Roman Catholic saint and is the first person to be canonized from Ecuador. She is indelibly linked in the psyche and the spiritualism and faith of many Ecuadorians.

However, there are some that feel that this most revered Saint never made the statement or prophecy. Here is a letter of to the editor of El Universo attempting to disprove the claim made by and believed by many Ecuadorians.


Opinion in Miércoles 09 de noviembre del 2005Santa Mariana did not say that

For some years now I have been listening repeatedly and saying in a convinced way that Mariana de Jesús, born in Quito, has said that Ecuador will not disappear by earthquakes but by bad governments.

When that is repeated by people who do not care to study history, one understands that they affirm something that does not know them, but not when certain journalists with higher education affirm it.

The point is that Mariana de Jesus never said that Ecuador will disappear by bad governments, for a very simple reason: she was born in 1617 and Ecuador was founded as a republic in 1830; More than 200 years away.

Mariana de Jesus is not Ecuadorian because in 1617 there was no Republic of Ecuador, therefore, there was no such nationality.

Concerned with this subject I consulted with two Ecuadorian historians, Dr. Rodolfo Pérez Pimentel and the Quito researcher Dr. Jorge Salvador Lara, former foreign minister. Both gave me the reason.

From a religious point of view, a saint like Mariana could never have said a phrase that sounds like a curse, something that “will disappear by bad governments.”

Ecuador will not disappear. What they do to our country is to steal its wealth from certain public officials and private entrepreneurs; Those “money-mad men”, as former president Carlos Julio Arosemena Monroy said in the sixties, during the Velasquist period.

Please do not repeat this curse that was never pronounced from the lips of a saint.

Ab. Francisco Pesántez V.
Guayaquil (Read Opinion)

The prophecy of Saint Marian of Jesus / Patricio Moncayo /
Ecuador is undergoing a very complex crisis, in which several phenomena are interrelated. It is not possible, then, to face the risk of a natural calamity, such as the possible eruption of the Cotopaxi volcano, in isolation…..

In the past, in traditional societies, the relationship between rulers and ruled was part of a natural order, or failing that there was a belief that the ruler had been appointed by God; In modern societies, rulers are the product of decisions made by the governed. Hence Santa Mariana de Jesus predicted that Ecuador would be destroyed “not by natural catastrophes but by bad governments.”

Experts on risk issues highlight the danger of misuse of power or poor political decisions. “The change from danger to risk is, as this example shows, the unintentional counter-intuitive purpose of many institutions of modern society, which were originally conceived for completely different purposes.” Read Full Article

Biography from Wikipedia of Saint Mariana of Jesus de Paredes

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