Ecuador: Three Weather Anomalies Contributing to Increased Rains

Posted on February 1, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency, Weather/Climate reported the intense rains that affected in the last hours (mainly Monday) to several cities of the country, like Salinas, Quito, Quevedo and Guayaquil, have been given by three atmospheric systems, according to the experts.

The first is the so-called intertropical convergence zone. This is a strip of low pressure or areas with bad weather clouds, which are close to Ecuador and that in previous months were in Central America, says Vladimir Arreaga, a technician at the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inamhi).

In these months, this system tends to move near the Equator. Additionally, the wind circulation helps with the presence of moderate to strong intensity rains, more in the Litoral, says the technician.


The second atmospheric system is that of the disturbances that are generated in the basin of the Amazon, in Brazil. “Having a lot of vegetation concentrates a lot of humidity. The areas are very unstable and there are clouds of bad weather and by wind circulation they move to our country, first entering the eastern region, then move to the alley Interandino and the interior of the Ecuadorian coast, “explains Arreaga.

The third factor is a warming of the sea surface off the coast of Ecuador, which experts have shown these days. This has helped to attract clouds of bad weather. The result: Moderate to strong intensity rains in the coastal profile, according to the Inamhi expert.

For this reason, the rainfall averages forecast for most of the country have surpassed the forecasts calculated by the Inamhi for the month of January that ended. Read Full Article

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