Ecuador: Terrible Crimes Against Public Health (opinion)

Posted on October 11, 2013 • Filed under: Ecuador, Latin America Health

Joaquin Jose Loayza Navarrete
The following opinion is from a Facebook forum Ecuador Translated by Google
A friend from time to time began to feel severe pain up to the right , took her to a gynecologist known to have an office in one of the most famous HOSPITALS Guayaquil thinking she would make arrangements for help and discover the cause of such pain …..

After inspect and make all relevant evidence , the gynecologist made ​​a very expensive prescription that reached the $ 50 saying the patient had internal hemorrhoids . After the first day the patient still complained and brought it back to the gynecologist who returned to check on her and tells her that unfortunately do not do drugs and effect very strong prescribes injections worth it reached the $ 40 ….

As I am a very observant person and incredulous , I decided to go to a well known pharmacy in Guayaquil and I asked the doctors who care , what are the most recommended drugs to treat internal hemorrhoids terrible height right ? , And I recommended two boxes which indicate that drugs are for Hemorrhoids VERY STRONG ….. I check the prescription that the patient had been sent and I see these medicines suggested by the gynecologist , then tell the doctors of the pharmacy if they could check the recipe and tell me what all these drugs is to fight a terrible internal hemorrhoids Straight up to the ? …. The two doctors who work in the pharmacy I say ” None of these drugs is for hemorrhoids ” , then I wonder what would happen if a person with a very strong hemorrhoids take these medicines ? , And the two I answered “nothing” , I even confirm that cream had sent to the gynecologist was only skin treatments that had nothing to do with the sector as sensitive as straight …..

After that I found out , that was what the gynecologist had told the patient if no improvement and the patient ‘s response was ” The gynecologist told me I would have surgery ” then I realized that the gynecologist intentionally I WAS NOT TRYING TO hEAL tHE pATIENT , but keep struggling to take advantage of her terrible pain and so the patient will pray the operating regardless of the cost to be.

I asked the two doctors from the pharmacy if they were aware of the bad faith of the gynecologist to not try to cure the patient alone to force her to have surgery, and both doctors of that pharmacy told me ” IS A PITY but SEE MANY CASES SAME when we serve customers “……

PRESIDENT OF ECUADOR EC . BELT RAFAEL DELGADO , Ecuadorians need to restore confidence in our new socialist government is extremely important TAKE INTO ACCOUNT that I have seen with my own eyes and the results of RESEARCH I did ….. Urgent measures must be taken , because doctors try to cure everything currently based UNNECESSARY SURGERY having enough medicine to prevent it, only by greed of money and no matter what the medical oath they did …..

Continuing the story … Since the gynecologist was not trying to cure the patient, NIXON bought drugs for hemorrhoids and you began to give the patient as well as all other medicines suggested by the gynecologist ….

At night, the patient did not improve and complained a lot so I decided to take her to another doctor who has his office right in front of FAMOUS HOSPITAL Guayaquil …. This was a proctologist physician confirms that the patient HAD NO ACCESS hemorrhoids but a PUS and had to make a small surgery to clean it as soon as possible …..

Others present in the office medical prescriptions reviewed the gynecologist and said , “none of these drugs is what the patient has ” and also ” NO DRUGS CAN NOT PRESCRIBE Gynecology LAW BECAUSE IT IS PROHIBITED AND NOT YOUR SPECIALTY ” , then at that time I realized that many doctors take cases that concern them not only to earn that money and dare to prescribe expensive drugs only by commissions and foreign travel that give the pharmaceutical ….

Mr. President , the Capitalist system overlaps the enrichment at the expense even of the life of other people , but the Socialism requires that citizens receive the best attention from all professionals, as that each patient NOT GOING to be a victim of these exploited feels betrayed by our REVOLUTION CITIZEN …..

On the other hand, must implement MINISTRY OF HEALTH CONTROL PROCEDURES effective to detect these bad doctors who dare to put luxury offices themselves FAMOUS HOSPITALS Ecuador …. We must not allow THEM A RICH COAST dare to cheat using the medication as a weapon and not as a support system for our society ……

Continuing the story …… The patient went to surgery and the doctor takes a small knife in his own practice with the help of anesthesiologists and other specialists …… The procedure was to make only a small cut in the area to make the pus out without closing the wound to keep draining alone for the rest of the night , the patient does not need stitches and can go home to keep the process moving by itself …….

PRESIDENT , EC . BELT RAFAEL DELGADO, for only this small procedure very similar to the treatment of a skin BORN , the doctor charged $ 1,500 and took drugs he used $ 200 (actual value $ 20 ) making the Doctor a supplier of goods and services an amazing utility falling within the framework of usury ….. And to top it off , the 3 people who took their share also participated in addition to patient charging $ 400 each, as were three ( the anesthesiologist , the anesthesiologist assistant , operator of instrumental) …… If you notice , this small and simple surgery a patient cost 1,500 + 200 + 400 + 400 + 400 = $ 2900 …. THIS IS A CRIME Mr. PRESIDENT …. In less than eight hours , the doctor only took about $ 1,700 , he and the other assistants alone the equivalent of a month’s salary of a worker honored of Ecuador …… How can you keep going this in a Socialist government to frontally fight against abuses of Capitalism ? …….

This is the reason that the people VICTIM OF THESE ABUSIVE , think you betrayed them ……

It is necessary that the MINISTRY OF HEALTH in coordination with the IRS take forward a system to DEFENDING CITIZENS ….

To not leave things unresolved , I suggest taking into account that ALL THESE MEDICAL BILLS are required to submit YOUR PATIENTS after receiving the corresponding payment …. I assure that all patients would be willing to submit such invoices to SRI so that this in turn share in LINE with the MINISTRY OF HEALTH to detect with the use of a SOCIALIST SOFTWARE , which doctors are doing surgeries charging beyond permitted and based on a table that can bring the computer system including TAX FLOATING establish him one doctor for at least those utilities exaggerated hands will chasten SRI and so these bad people in white coats ….. To better understand me I will put a small example :

EXAMPLE: A doctor makes a small surgery to a patient and charges you $ 1,500 plus $ 200 in medicines and serums … The patient and the doctor pays the bill gives the detail of the drugs used …. The patient approaches the SRI and presents the bill to investigate the doctor …. The IRS shares in that information ONLINE HEALTH MINISTRY where one detects several illegalities SOFTWARE : All medications to your pharmacy sale price only cost $ 20 , so the doctor will put a tax of $ 180 to be paid to SRI also detect that the surgery could not cost more than $ 100 per table fees MINISTRY OF HEALTH and therefore charged a $ 1,400 tax KNOWN MEDICAL therefore the doctor will have to approach the IRS and pay 180 + 1,400 = $ 1,580 or receive a fine of 3 times this value addition to your office closing for 1 week ……

PRESIDENT This procedure would make Ecuador a true socialist state where PHYSICIAN not live to get money to his patient but to help heal heal … The more patients , the more you earn …. And if it takes longer than usual , do not have to pay taxes to the IRS …….. Plus it can detect the MINISTRY OF HEALTH which professionals are invading areas that concern them to avoid that patients suffer unnecessarily …… Any good doctor should know advise their patients about the specialties that exist that can help cure their ailments better … . The gynecologist had to tell a patient ” NOT MY SPECIALTY , YOU SHOULD VISIT A proctologist ” …

IF OUR REVOLUTION CITIZEN does not move faster, many generations will remain confused about what is expected of them urgently … SOLIDARITY ….

MINISTRY OF HEALTH , it’s time for you we are accountable for their actions and modernize the sake of Ecuadorians …… SO STOP THEFT SASSY ….

Mr. Chairman , it is true that the GOVERNMENT HOSPITALS cares to give QUALITY FREE for citizens, but must take into account that those HOSPITALS serving the poorest of Ecuador and very little to the middle class equivalent to 40 % of rest Ecuadorians. It is not possible to abandon them to their fate allowing doctors a lot of abuse and even steal their patients . To prevent these crimes that have remained in total impunity exists HEALTH MINISTRY and must force it to fulfill its social function before it is too late …..
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