Ecuador taking control of what the public knows

Posted on September 4, 2014 • Filed under: Ecuador, Politics

Opinion Page of El Sentinel
Guillermo Martinez, El Sentinel Columnist wrote: For years, authoritarian Latin American presidents have censored in-country publications critical of their actions. Ecuador’s Rafael Correa is no exception. Correa, who has a Masters and a PhD from the University of Illinois, goes much further. He has companies and government officials going after anyone who publishes or airs anything anywhere in the world that he considers disparaging. In simple terms: Correa wants to control what the world media has to say about his government. While most nations have embassies to monitor the foreign media. Correa has hired a small Brooklyn-based public relations firm called McSquared to respond aggressively to anything Correa finds offensive. Ares Rights, a Spanish firm, takes care of what is published in the digital world. Read Article

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