Ecuador: Stricter controls over cell phone quality to be implemented June 14′

Posted on April 16, 2014 • Filed under: Ecuador, Internet reported…In order that citizens receive each day better cellular services and connectivity, the Minister of telecommunications and the information society, Mr. Jaime Guerrero Ruiz, reported that: “the new parameters of quality of the operators will begin to control since June. They begin to improve the quality or we will have to apply penalties”, he said.
The Minister recalled that since January of this year set new parameters of quality for these services.


Regarding the use of 4 G technology, explained that it is projected by the end of the year may have a successful negotiation with other operators to provide the 4 G service, considering that the public operator CNT EP has already with the band 4 G, more than one year ago, which was granted on a priority basis as a public company, as stipulated by the Constitutionremarked Mr. Guerrero. Read Article

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