Ecuador, some deaths, injuries in August believed to be alcohol poisoning may have been from poisoned soup

Posted on September 22, 2011 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Latin America Health

Last Friday there was a party in the Indian community Pulcallpa, where the imposing concrete housing overshadowed the few remaining adobe. Its inhabitants had at least two reasons for his happiness: the recovery of the 42 residents who were poisoned (August 26) and thanks for the miracle of the Virgin of the Swan. A group of people in 13 horses escorted the image of the Virgin, brought in an urn from the district of San Antonio. Second Morocho, 52, stopped cutting brush and said “Mommy Virgin saved us.” Morocho was one of 42 poison (including 13 children). This occurred in the canton of Azuay Nabon. Esta intoxicación puso al descubierto una pugna en la comuna indígena de Shiña. Food poisoning revealed a struggle within the indigenous community of Shinar. Read Article

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