Ecuador: Rental warning information

Posted on September 27, 2013 • Filed under: Ecuador

The following information is culled from a post by an expatriate from This was an experience as described an expat family had with an Ecuadorian landlord. The property was recommended by another expat. Area: Cuenca

1. Renter found house from another expats recommendation.
2. The expat made glowing comments about the property and the owner (Ecuadorian). Owner also lives on property.
3. After moving in tenants discovered most of the information the expat provided them was not correct.
4. Owner(landlord) appeared to be quite accommodating the first two months of occupancy. The landlord then became invasive.
5.Landlord presented a false invoice for cleaning the carpet which renter paid, and was never cleaned.
6. Renter discoverd that high electric bill was due to landlord using renters connection.
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Safety and Security Information About Ecuador in this New Book

Just a warning about renting in Ecuador from another expat. Make sure you read the contract and if you don’t read Spanish find someone who will help you. Always check the electric and water connections to make sure know one else is connected. Always be aware most Ecuadorians like to rent to Gringos because they believe rightly or wrongly that they pay prompt. Never expect to get your deposit back. Ecuadorian landlords are not known for taking care of many repairs.

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