Ecuador: President Moreno showing he is not puppet of Rafael Correa

Posted on August 11, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Politics

WILL Lenín Moreno be his own man? Or will he be the puppet of his forceful predecessor, Rafael Correa? Ecuadoreans have been wondering that since Mr Moreno became president on May 24th. An answer came on August 3rd, when Mr Moreno removed the vice-president, Jorge Glas, from any active role in government. Mr Glas has been friends with Mr Correa since they were boy scouts and was seen as the former president’s agent. Mr Moreno has stripped Mr Glas of his powers and perks, including the use of two presidential jets. He may now undo much of the work of his left-wing predecessor, who spent lavishly and squelched dissent. Read Article



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