Ecuador: President fires much of military high command

Posted on February 7, 2016 • Filed under: Corruption, Ecuador, Police/Military Activity, Politics

The military chiefs are accused of overcharging the government for a land sale. reported Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa announced he has dismissed the military high command, after the leader was accused of trying to manipulate soldiers.

“With much pain I’ve had to dismiss the high command … We will not allow anyone to manipulate soldiers or the country. Military pensions are guaranteed by Article 370 of the constitution and by ISSFA.”

On Friday evening, Correa announced who would take over as the military’s top officials.


Oswaldo Fabián Zambrano Cueva replaced Luis Anibal Garzon as chief of command of the armed forces, the new navy general will be Angel Isaac Sarzosa Aguirre, and Cesar Abdon Merizalde Pavon was named as the air force chief.

Luis Miguel Angel Castro Ayala takes over as ground force commanding general.

The heads of Ecuador’s armed forces allegedly overcharged for land they sold to the Ministry of the Environment to the tune of some US$41 million.

When the Correa administration confronted the leaders about it, asking for a refund, the head of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, Luis Garzon, accused the government of depriving the military of money, especially for pensions.

Correa confirmed in his tweets that the military pensions are guaranteed by the constitution. The military heads were coming to the end of their two-year tenure in April. Read Article

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