Ecuador: New Law will require Supermarkets to publish products, prices on their website

Posted on September 14, 2014 • Filed under: Business, Ecuador reported at the time, local shows only promotions. The Super control published new resolution for putting the products in the hanger.

According to the latest resolution 057-2014 of the Superintendence of Control of the power market (SPCM), issued August 29 August, supermarkets and similar storage places must display on its website a list of products with their respective prices. This information should be available from November, once you enter into force.

EL TELÉGRAFO newspaper joined the electronic pages of several local supermarket chains, but most have partial lists of food or other goods related to promotions and benefits with their prices. There are also recipes, publications and healthy eating tips. It examined only a store of food products and household enables the person concerned navigate between various available categories and find out there how much cost which offers.

The purpose of this order by the spirits is to foster competition and trade fair between establishments, once the consumer is informed and can choose the article and the site where to buy it.


Presentation and prices

The resolution makes other points to the market, including those related to a proper presentation of products in hangers, clear display of prices and that there is no misleading advertising misleading customer mistakenly choose a product.

For Tatiana Garaicoa, mother of Guayaquil, the measure will make it useful where you are allowed to choose a site where to find the products at best price. He says that sometimes limited to take what you need, without focusing on the differences that allow you to save the hangers.

Another objective with this request is that the consumer can exercise vigilance in variation.

In cases in which a product has a price lower than the other points of sale, the supermarket must show clearly his reason, e.g. sales aimed at the Elimination of the stock, end of season, because it is seasonal produce, by impending expiration, or small faults that do not interfere with your quality.

Article 4 of the law of consumer protection establishes that the fundamental rights of buyers are to receive products of optimum quality and under free-choice. Also must publish clear information above features, quality and even risk. Read Article

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