Ecuador: Military moves into northern Manabí province in counter narcotics operation

Posted on November 15, 2013 • Filed under: Crime, Drug Activity, Ecuador, Organized Crime, Police/Military Activity reported that the passage of the military who were carrying guns and moved on special vehicles caused surprise among the inhabitants of the North of Manabí. The fact was recorded between Monday and yesterday in the cantons Sucre, San Vicente and flints. In these sites, according to the police, has been detected that drug trafficking organizations are criminal operations. For example, in Coaque (near Pedernales) crashed a Mexican with USD 1.3 million plane, in May of last year. The governorate of the province reported that Jama, Cojimies and St. Vincent are the sectors where more drugs were found until November 7. In addition, that 244 cases of drug trafficking have been reported. The deployment of a convoy with 86 soldiers, which mobilized over 15 special vehicles astonished the inhabitants of those three cantons. Ramon ch. lives in Jama. “Circulated the military in those tanks resemble artifacts.” People became alarmed. After it was learned that everything was part of an operation which would be done on road and beaches”. Angel Orellana, Chief of the command of the Group operational 2.1 Manabi, said that it is “of a training of drivers of vehicles (SUV tank type). We will be for a period of two months. We will take to make catches and presence military in the area. Will they be permanent.” The Ministry of defence, through e-mail, reported that “the activities to execute are recognition of clandestine airstrips, gun control, search for information and joint activities with the police and the Prosecutor’s Office if there flagrante delicto”. In Jama, a group of soldiers reported to the authorities of the town about the purpose of the contingent in that area. One of the authorities of the canton Manabi regarded as positive the presence of the Armed forces. “They should patrol throughout the year. Asked me for permission to set up a camp in one of my properties. I told them that they must fight against drug trafficking”. In the midst of operations, Lt. Col. Mauricio Bastidas, head of the strong military Manabi, said that the work of the military will develop on the coastal road and the profile of beaches, especially since Coaque to Pedernales. “Operations will be continued and the soldiers sleep in tents and can mobilize quickly between the coasts.” The operational team is composed by uniformed 86, four armoured vehicles and six type urutu, used for personnel transport. There was also an automotive for the command post, a fuel tanker, one of water and an administrative vehicle for the provision of food. The entrepreneur Darío P., who has a business in San Andrés de Canoa, said that the presence of the miniconvoy was stunning. “I was in Bahia when I saw them pass. All that deployment of soldiers, weapons and ammunition and frightened people, the same impression felt on those who inhabit the marine enclaves located to the North. The Policy of Pedernales, Rosa Cevallos, Chief said that the military presence is unusual for more than one year. “They are always here, were seen two months ago, arrived in trucks and even observed that they had something akin to a mobile radar. Its presence gives us security.” While the deployment of the military was given, a group of farmers found yesterday, at km 30 via San Vicente-San Isidro, the bodies of two men on the side of the road. They were Joseph Z. and Andrew G; 43 and 52 years old, who had multiple bullet impacts. Police are investigating these deaths. The situation in the area According to the governorate of Manabi, in that province were seized, until November 7, 1.6 tons of drugs . Cocaine is the largest seizure by information. Also it has detained 274 people, seven children were isolated and 22 weapons have been confiscated. Drug trafficking of drugs are seized 485,5 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride and there are 13 detainees. One of the most famous cases was that of the boat Dorian supposedly carrying 799,1 kg of cocaine. Read Article


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