Ecuador: Family income covers 92.7 percent of consumer basket for a month

Posted on September 9, 2012 • Filed under: Business, Ecuador, TRAVEL reported that family income in Ecuador covers 92.7% of the consumer basket in August/2012. Producer inflation, ie, the change in prices of products at its factory, farms, beaches, among others, was 0.58% higher than in January this year from 2.14% figure August 2011 reached 3.05%. The change in consumer prices was 0.29% Ecuador in August, the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses in its Inflation Report. The basic food basket, analysis of 75 items consumed for families of 4, whose income is unified basic salary of 1.6, came in at $ 587.86 this month. The median household income is $ 545.07, which serves to cover 92.7% of the analytical value of the basket with a restriction of consumption of $ 42.79. But that income is $ 118.61 higher than the cost of the basket Vital, analytical made another basket for the same families with the analysis of prices of 73 popular products. In August 2012 stood at $ 426.46 this basket.
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