Ecuador: Extortion crime wave

Posted on February 6, 2014 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador reported that prosecutors in Ecuador are investigating a wave of extortions believed to have been carried out by the same criminal group, raising the question of what effect the growing presence of transnational organized crime will have on local criminal activities. Between September and December of 2013, Quito authorities received 75 reports of extortion committed by one group, reported El Comercio. The modus operandi of the group was to make threatening phone calls to victims to convince them to hand over large sums of money using transfer services. Up to 300 other victims were targeted last year, prosecutor Jose Luis Jaramillo told La Hora. The article explained that one victim of extortion had posted a notice about her lost pet offering a reward. The criminals had significant personal information about where she worked, her arrival/departure times, and the number of children she has. In another separate incident a victim revealed that the extoritionist a video of him which they were going to give to his wife unless he met their demand of $500.00.Read Article

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