Ecuador, Colombia Border: 200 cartriges explosives, pentolite, firearms seized

Posted on August 29, 2012 • Filed under: Colombia, Ecuador, Explosives / Bombs, Police/Military Activity

Uniformed police seized late on 200 cartridges point fifty admitted that as explained by the Ecuadorian border to Colombia and were destined for the interior.

In recent days in the Colombian Ecuadorian seized large quantity of war material as pentolite, ammunition and firearms, the border authorities explain that target irregular groups active in Colombia and using military equipment to bomb against civilians and the security forces.

Less than a month on the road that leads to Ipiales Cauca department also seized 50 cartridges point that authorities are used by antiaircraft

At that time the war material was transported in boxes of butter from Ecuador, a 17-year-old was involved in the incident and carrying 400 rounds of rifle.

Not yet determined the origin and source of ammunition but in recent days the seizures became more frequent. Read Article

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