Ecuador: Closure of paper edition of newspaper, may be evolution to digital

Posted on July 16, 2014 • Filed under: Business, Ecuador, Internet reported the relationship between media and the government in Ecuador has been referred to as a ‘war.’ But all sides agree the media landscape there and across Latin America is moving toward online as the population of internet users rapidly grows. A printing press sits idle in Diario HOY, one of Ecuador’s most respectable dailies, with a roll of blank paper still fed into the machine.

For 32 years Diario HOY was published on this press, but on June 29 the final edition came out with this headline: “HOY closes one chapter, and starts another.”

This new chapter appears to be part of an overall evolution in Latin American media where digital is proving to be a natural step, given a rapid rise in internet users, and part of a decline of advertising and readers for daily papers as in the US and Europe. Read Article

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