Ecuador: Bus travelling from Cuenca to Guayaquil Assaulted by gunmen

Posted on January 30, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

One of the assailants detained / Assault took place in Cascajal / Bus Compnay Express Sucre

NO SECURITY CAMERAS ON BOARD reported police recovered wallets, suitcases, cell phones, perfumes, among other belongings of passengers of a bus of the cooperative Express Sucre, that were assaulted after 23:00 of Saturday 28, after two assailants in the bus threatened passengers with firearms and supposedly forced the driver to slow down in the entrance to Cascajal, by the zone of Puerto Inca.

In a raid yesterday morning at the Buena Fe parish, Pedro J. Montero parish, belonging in Yaguachi, the agents seized two firearms, a type of hand-crafted magazine and another type shotgun. And stopped a subject.

The bus of the cooperative Express Sucre came from Cuenca with route to Guayaquil. According to versions, as soon as the driver stopped the vehicle, four more suspects boarded the bus, who robbed the passengers of the transport. There were thirteen passengers, including the two antisocial, according to the police in the bus.

Yaguachi prosecutor Modesto Freire said the passengers were taken with clothing, shoes, cell phones, backpacks, and that evidence was later found by agents of the Judicial Police in a house located in the Buena Fe precinct.

The bus would not have had a panic button or cameras. However, the videos of the Cuenca terminal and the description of passengers have supposedly allowed to identify the assailants. The police also had access to the list of travelers. It was reported that Ricardo HC, alleged subject linked to the attack, bought two tickets.

In the raid, a 49-year-old citizen was arrested and transferred to the Yaguachi District Attorney’s Office. In the afternoon the hearing took place. He was sentenced to pre-trial detention, prosecutor Freire confirmed.

“These subjects would have come from Cuenca buying tickets well dressed with sack, tie and portfolio, as well as pass the control filters of the transport units. The bus did not have the security cameras, but the guard recorded all the people traveling on the bus, “said La Voz Milagro. (I)


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