Ecuador: Brutal attack on young tourist from Argentina, left in coma

Posted on January 14, 2015 • Filed under: Argentina, Crime, Ecuador news sources reported a young Argentine tourist suffered a brutal attack in Ecuador, where she was hospitalized and remains in an induced coma since Friday. Ana Paula Chalela, 24 years old was on an extended trip throughout Latin America when tragedy hit last week in Portoviejo. She was working and living in a camping facility where she was brutally attacked according to her father. On Friday, she had spoken with her parents in Argentina by phone before going to work. She was then assaulted and not found until Saturday morning where she was laying in the street.

“Apparently she was found lying in the street, but nobody did anything. Her friends started to search and found it Saturday at 9 in the morning. There told us to us”, continued the victim’s father. “No one recognized it and left it on a stretcher as a no name without health care that has to receive a hit person as they beat her,” followed.

She is now comatose in a hospital in Guayaquil(hospital Luis Vernaza) after being transferred from Porto Viejo. The father and sister traveled to Ecuador with borrowed funds and have requested the Argentine government to transport her back to Argentina for medical care.

The father believes she may have also have been run over by a motorcycle and possibly sexually assaulted. All of her belongings and identification were stolen. The victim’s father stated in one news source that he is hoping to have her airlifted to Argentina. He said the hospitals are bad in Argentina but here they are worse. She is currently in the Read Article
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