Ecuador: At least 18 aftershocks register after 6.8 earthquake near Mompiche

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At least 18 aftershocks of an earthquake of 6.8 occurred in Ecuador
An earthquake of magnitude 6.8 rocked Ecuador early today, May 18, 2016.
In Quito the COE was activated to assess the possible consequences of the earthquake.

In Quito the COE was activated to assess the possible consequences of the earthquake.

Ecuador Presidency

At least 18 aftershocks have occurred so far the earthquake of 6.8 magnitude that struck early today, May 18, 2016, the northern part of the coast of Ecuador, the Geophysical Institute (IG) of reported National Polytechnic School.

Alexandra Alvarado, director of the IG area Seismology said the quake of 6.8 degrees occurred at about three in the morning is a replica of the earthquake on April 16, which had a magnitude of 7.8 and left a balance of 661 dead.

“It was a little more into the continent, but it is associated with the main event,” he reiterated on television referring to Ecuavisa 7.8 earthquake that devastated several areas of the north coast of Ecuador in late April.

He explained that after the earthquake am 18 aftershocks have been recorded and noted that “expected” to occur aftershocks of magnitude 7.8.

“Being a replica is the result of what the area is accommodated after the earthquake of 7.8 (…), a replica of a 7.8 earthquake less than expected degree,” he said adding that the quake in the morning he felt “almost everywhere in the country”, although with less intensity in the south of the nation.

The earthquake occurred at dawn about 15 kilometers deep, something “that corresponds to what would be expected to occur in the sector,” he said.

He said the quake was “a little southeast of Mompiche and northeast of Cojimíes”.

“The process of release of energy will last, probably, a few more months,” said technical Institute, according to which there have been, so far, 1,495 replicas of the main earthquake of April 16.

The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, said that after the earthquake today no news outside the provinces of Manabi and Esmeraldas, the most affected by the strong earthquake of April.

In these two provinces there were “minor” damage to some buildings that were already affected by the April shake and even in other undamaged before, but not strategic infrastructure were affected, said the ruling in a statement.

He also said several people suffered minor injuries in an accident when they left hasty way places where they were.

“In many places are not even felt,” he said Correa, who said that “the activities must continue with absolute normality” today, including education.

Correa also said that aftershocks as happened today raise concern and alarm in the population, but are “normal”, especially after an event such as occurred in the northern coast of Ecuador in April.
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