Ecuador: Assemblyman alleges breech of contract in purchase of Chinese radars

Posted on April 7, 2012 • Filed under: China, Ecuador, Police/Military Activity

During journey made by Assemblyman Galo Lara, a member of the Oversight Committee and Political Control of the National Assembly, noted that the radar could YLC-18 M-that is borrowed, is operational, while the other YLC-18-which was purchased -, is not in operation….However, outside the fines should be considered provided that the radar is still not meet the technical requirements of air cooling, so there is also the unilateral termination of the contract in view of the provisions of Article 94 paragraph 7 ibid.

From the above, Lara asked the defense minister to know the measure to be adopted, ie, whether to impose fines -1 per thousand of total contract amount by way of fine for each day of delay, the recovery of the respective guarantees, and the unilateral termination of the contractual relationship in light of the continued failures in this case. Read Article

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