Ecuador: 8 provinces impacted by heavy rains on Sunday

Posted on January 26, 2016 • Filed under: Ecuador, Weather/Climate

Pichincha-Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas-Rivers-Imbabura-Manabi-Tungurahua reported…One dead, several wounded, flooded streets, landslides on roads are among other damages left by the heavy rains since Sunday night until the early hours of yesterday.

The Secretariat of Risk Management (SGR) reported that coordinated actions in Esmeraldas, Manabi, Los Rios, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Cotopaxi and Imbabura.

In the area of ​​Minas Viejas Mataje parish in San Lorenzo, Esmeraldas, one dead and two injured she was recorded. Andres Felipe Lara, 28, died after being trapped in one of the 4 houses that collapsed. Meanwhile, in the city of Esmeraldas others they were injured by falls.

The mayor of Esmeraldas, Lenin Lara, triggered some tables Cantonal COE to give emergency care.

Twenty homes were flooded in the citadel The Gatazo, parish Simon Plata Torres, a landslide that obstructed one of the two lanes of the Esmeraldas-Quinindé route and river overflow Atacames also reported the Secretariat of Risk Management, in a statement press.

The road connecting Pedernales was one of the most affected. A stretch of pavement gave way and fell off. According to the deputy mayor of Muisne, Polo Tello, residents of three parishes are held incommunicado.


Manabi, in the El Matal, in Jama, 20 families were evacuated by slipping the hill in this coastal community, according Heads Orpah, zonal coordinator 4 of the SGR. Manta is activated the COE, as in Puerto Lopez and Chone. Meanwhile, the rising tide and waves Salango affected the jetty, he said.

Flooding rains were also recorded in Portoviejo, Montecristi, Crucita, among other areas.

Meanwhile in Quito, amid heavy rain in Chilibulu, south of the city, a sudden collapse in a cobbled street swallowed a white Chevrolet vehicle color passing by and plunged into a hole about three meters depth. The driver was taken to a nursing home and was discharged.

In Imbabura, the rains caused the overflow of rivers Apuela in Intag and Cotacachi. Fifteen people were evacuated from their homes, while the parish Stadium disappeared because the river is a new cause generated by the sports scene.

In Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas there were landslides in rural and urban areas, also falling a slope at km 69 of the Alóag-Santo Domingo, via the route was enabled and caution is called for.

In Los Rios, the capital Vinces and Babahoyo and Valencia counties suffered flood havoc.

In Cotopaxi, in the process as La Manna-Latacunga or Moraspungo-Heart in the canton Pangua, there were landslides, according to information from ECU 911 Ambato, which also reported a landslide in Hidrosigchos project at the entrance to the tunnel portal. (I)

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