Economic Innovation for Indigenous People in Latin America

Posted on August 19, 2012 • Filed under: Internet, Latin America Indigenous Issues

Indigenous children in the poverty-stricken regions of Latin America grow up in the shadows because they are often unregistered and unable to exercise their rights. As they grow and live illiterate, unemployed, and extremely poor lives, they have no identity and fall through the cracks of their nation-state’s civic system. They have no voice to seek public services like basic and life-long education. For this and many other rea-sons, people often migrate to seek a better life, but in many cases, they end up in the same or worse condi-tions because of their status. Interestingly, mobile technology has reached the poorest of the poor people more quickly and profoundly than any other technology that has ever been developed by global companies in human history. Mobile technology seems to promise numerous benefits at the surface level, but more im-portantly, it seems to be the only catalyst powerful enough for change at the ecosystematic level from the very bottom of the pyramid. From basic connectivity to education and from basic identification to exercising human rights, mobile technology seems to be at the right place at the right time for indigenous people in Lat-in America and beyond. Read Article

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