Dengue Fever in Province of Ramon Castilla, Peru

Posted on June 11, 2011 • Filed under: Health, Latin America Travel, Peru, TRAVEL

La Region news reports that in the municipal province of Roman Castilla, there have been ten cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever recorded in the last two weeks. The mayor of the city has ordered a fumigation of the entire city and all government offices, including health care centers. The newspaper reports that the health center in the city does not have enough funds for a permanent biologist. City officials have turned to Brazilian health centers to aid them in fighting the epidemic of dengue and malaria since the Peruvian government will not provide the resources needed. The city is also dealing with a suspended installation of a drinking water well. Due to the stoppage in work, the area has filled with rainwater and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Letters have been written to ministries and other government officials, local and national. Residents are waiting for a response.Read Article

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