Cuenca Ecuador: Report on Climate for expats

Posted on December 27, 2015 • Filed under: Ecuador, Weather/Climate reported Besides the attractive cost of living, the mild climate of Cuenca was one of our major reasons for moving here. We wake up every day with no threat of natural disasters or thoughts about wildly fluctuating temperatures. The temperatures in Cuenca range from average highs of 70 F to lows of 50 F. Relative humidity is usually around 75%. Rainfall amounts to 2.5 inches per month. Please remember these are averages. Within any given period of time a lot of something can be happening—clouds and coolness or sun and warmth.

When you’re home in front of your computer dreaming of escaping to an ideal climate you don’t conjure up images of shoveling snow or sweating bullets. No, you picture “perfection.” The skies are blue—the temperature is perfect— birds are singing—the grass is green and the flowers are blooming. You tune out getting soaked in a downpour and getting bit by mosquitoes.

In truth the spring season from beginning to end often manifests all sorts of volatile, unpredictable weather patterns. And so does Cuenca. On a daily basis. A joke among locals is, “If you don’t like Cuenca’s weather, just wait an hour.” Read Article


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