Cuenca, Ecuador: Prostitution, insecurity of concern to residents in parish El Vecino

Posted on September 18, 2017 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency / Prostitution and insecurity are aspects that concern the inhabitants of the parish El Vecino. In recent weeks they have met with the provincial authorities to put on the table proposals that help improve security in the 34 districts of the parish.

Jorge Herrera, president of the parish El Vecino, said that the leaders of the neighborhood met 15 days ago with the authorities that have in their competence the work on security aspects, to show their needs and ask for integral interventions.

According to herrera, the last meetings achieved the commitment of the authorities to extend the coverage of services of the National Police to the 34 districts, through constant patrolling and door-to-door socialization campaigns, Sin Embargo comments that there are two aspects that still have no answer.


Prostitution and insecurity

On September 23, 2016, he and 20 neighborhood leaders drafted a letter to Xavier Barrera, chairman of the Cantonal Council’s security commission, requesting that his request to modify the land use ordinance to prohibit prostitution in the area, which he says, leads to problems of insecurity, drug sales and alcohol consumption.

On May 20 of this year, Councilman Barrera indicated that the zone of tolerance will remain in the Cayambe neighborhood, where a security polygon with access doors will be installed in Cayambe Street, in order to delimit the ground destined to the nightclubs.

He indicated that the decision is made based on a study of the University of Cuenca and that the resolution must be known by the Cantonal Council to be approved.

Herrera says that for a year they have no answer to the request and that it is now time for the issue to be addressed in the Cantonal Council so that another image is given to the parish, which is currently working on social and cultural and tourist proposals to make it against crime. Read Article

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