Cuenca Ecuador: Expatriate Victim of Armed Robbery

Posted on July 8, 2014 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, TRAVEL reported June 2012. We were visiting friends for the evening and came home around 9 pm. Our daughter Drew wasn’t feeling well so she went upstairs. Our neighbor was outside and Dena and I stayed downstairs to chat with him.

We left our gate open after we drove our truck in. He was having a cigarette – his wife was pregnant at the time so he was smoking outside on this cold evening. They were a very nice couple – both born and raised in Cuenca. Drew had gone up stairs to get ready for bed. And left the door to our apartment open.

We were at least 45 minutes on the sidewalk having a conversation. During that time we saw some of our neighbors arriving home and some other people walking around the neighborhood.

And then we saw two young men turn the corner and walk straight towards us. As soon as we saw them we knew we were in trouble. We were about 40 feet away. It took just a few seconds for them to reach us. As they were 20 feet away they pulled out their weapons. The one on the left had a black pistol and the other one a well worn and sharpened kitchen knife. Read Article


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