Cuenca Ecuador: Couriers still target for transporting counterfeit U.S. currency

Posted on October 2, 2014 • Filed under: Crime, Ecuador, Police/Military Activity

Counterfeit Bills Being sent to the U.S. reported Fighting sending drugs or counterfeit money hidden in parcels continues by the National Police in Azuay, through its Chief of Narcotics, which carries out inspections daily emails parallel city.

The hard work stopped as a result, the finding of fake $ 21,150, ranked 100 $ 100 bills and 223 $ 50 bills. The “cunning” citizen hid the money under a false bottom of a container, containing objects of jewelery.

In reviewing realized the money was fake, so was seized and asked the sender and receiver. The parcel was sent by José M. from San Joaquin Parish, Queens-bound for the United States.

Colonel Marco Ponce, head of narcotics in Azuay, explained the modus operandi to send fake money or drugs. “What is always used clothing, small appliances, to food to mask the goods, in order to arrive to another country illegally. You are always aware and investigating those who send parcels, “he said.

The controls in parallel frequent emails will be especially day shipping. The cooperation of the staff of the Courier facilitate research, if those involved used fake names to make the transaction.

So far this year, the National Police discovered counterfeit $ 200,000 across operating. Last January was found fake $ 10,000 bills between 20 and 100 dollars with the same target, the USA

In another agency mail, in February it was discovered fake $ 63,000, mostly in $ 100 bills Similarly, in April 104,000 counterfeit notes of the same denomination, met his fate like the other cases was the United States. Read Article

Source: Ministry of Interior / Azuay-Richard Ramirez DNC.

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