Cuenca Ecuador: Cause of Death for Dead American Expat still unknown

Posted on September 20, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Ecuador Emergency

Prosecutor believes Expat died of natural causes but still waiting for autopsy report. reported (machine translated) Robert, a US citizen approximately age 75, was found dead inside the San Francisco building, located on Padre Aguirre and Presidente Córdoba streets.

At about 8 am yesterday, agents of the National Police accompanied by experts in Criminalistics and Legal Medicine, entered the apartment of the deceased located on the third floor of the building next to a dental office, inside they found the foreign citizen reclining on the floor of one of the rooms without vital signs.


During the Legal Medicine investigation, experts accompanied by the prosecutor on duty, they performed tests to look for clues in order to determine the causes of death.

Édison Garzón, owner of a store located on the first floor of the building, said that the citizen lived in Cuenca about 5 years and had health problems due to an apparent cirrhosis, caused by the constant intake of alcoholic beverages.

Adrian Rojas, prosecutor for Azuay, said that the elderly man would have died of natural causes, but that they remain waiting for the results of the necropsy to rule out any violence.

He added that after this procedure, the US consulate in Ecuador will be part of this, so that the relatives are informed and that the deceased can be repatriated to this country in the next few days.

The citizen lived alone on the third floor of the building and engaged in commercial activities on the internet, his wife lives in the United States and visited occasionally, but left after staying between two and three weeks in Cuenca.

Until the close of this edition, the result of the necropsy that was carried out yesterday at the Forensic Center of Cuenca was not reported. Read Article

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